The Peace Frequency: Episode 12

Guest: Dominic Barter

Air Date: January 20, 2015

In this episode, we explore the concept of restorative justice with Dominic Barter of Restorative Circles. How do systems and approaches to justice help or hinder the process of building peace? Is restorative justice an approach that can help heal the wounds that form as a result of conflict, be it personal, familial, regional or global?

Featured Quotes from the Show

“When I think of community these days, I don’t necessarily think of people who I spend a lot of time with, I don’t necessarily think of people who I like. I think of people with whom I’m in an active interdependent relationship: People whose well-being is impacted by my well-being, people who rise when I rise and fall when I fall, or who rise when I fall and fall when I rise.”

“If communities can form around justice systems which care for and recognize the strengths in ultimately, the complete diversity, the recognition of the uniqueness of every single life form of every human being, then I think we have a far greater chance of meeting our need for community, while at the same time recognizing this beautiful, abundant flowing of difference which happens with every unique human being.”

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