The Peace Frequency: Episode 13

Guest: Arthur Romano, Elavie Ndura, Kazu Haga, and Nadine Bloch

Air Date: January 22, 2015

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, this special episode of the Peace Frequency is dedicated to the history, theory and practice of nonviolent action. What role is nonviolence playing in today’s conflict and what are some misperceptions? How have communities who are engaged in conflict, that are facing injustice, or are living under oppressive conditions, applying nonviolence in their struggles. What are specific ways to teach and train communities, particularly youth, to understand nonviolent struggle and wage it successfully?

Featured Quotes from the Show


“I realized a long time ago that this society we live in and that we share is going to change for the better, each one of us has to do something positive.”

“There are no experts in peacebuilding, there are no experts in violence prevention, in conflict prevention. Each one of us needs to tap into our natural resources- the power that we have to love, the power to want something that makes us happy and that makes other people happy.”


“When we talk about love in the context of nonviolence, people oftentimes misunderstand what we’re talking about as it being something weak and sentimental and emotional and something devoid of power…We forget that love can be an incredibly aggressive and militant force used for resistance.”

“So much of nonviolence is about using the power of love to reach the best part of human beings.”


“Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people…this is not to say that people are born courageous, but together we learn to become courageous.”

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