The Peace Frequency: Episode 14

Guest: Jeff Guerra

Air Date: January 27, 2015

In this episode we talk with DJ and producer of Jack Radio in Medellin, Colombia, Jeff Guerra. Exploring the idea that there are many ways to be a peacebuilder, we seek to answer questions such as: What do arts-based approaches to peacebuilding look like? How can music and culture provide alternatives to violence and help communities help reconstruct identities that have been shaped by violent conflict?

Featured Quotes from the Show

“It’s more about what stories do you want to be out there? How do you want to represent yourself? What is it that you are trying to share with people about you?”

“There are moments after some sort of political unrest or oppression or violence when there is just an explosion, a boom of culture. When people had to stay in doors for fear of violence or whatever and there was no communication or expression and then suddenly…the lid gets lifted, people can come outside, and now all the artists come out, and you see all sorts of cultural activities going on.”

“Communicating a message of peace means addressing some of the precursors of violence,; promoting a positive lifestyle. You have to create an alternative option in an intoxicating way.”

“There are thriving Hip-Hop scenes everywhere…I think it [Hip-Hop] has the impact of what poetry maybe had at the height of literature.”

“If you’ve got a great message, well constructed, and it follows the heart, it arrives.”

“Storytelling is a powerful, powerful thing. Its the way that, going back to Native American tribes, going back to Africa, this is the way that education has always been passed down. Its sitting around the camp fire telling stories…Hip-Hop, in particular, is a really good story-telling medium. The best MCs are just great storytellers.”

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