The Peace Frequency: Episode 2

Guest: George Lopez

Air Date: October 7, 2014

In this episode we speak with former USIP Academy Vice President Lopez. As part of our series on Strategic Peacebuilding, Dr. Lopez addresses a variety of topics, including the meaning of strategic peacebuilding, the growth of the peacebuilding “industry,” and when strategic peacebuilding occurs during the cycle of conflict.

Featured Quotes from the Show

“My hope is that we can make the term ‘strategic peacebuilding’ a redundancy.”

“The vast collection of reasons why people engage in violent conflict…calls for a very wide range of expertise.”

“Peacebuilding is at its best when it is a combination of local capacity commitment and participation, and the activities, resources, and prior learning of outsiders.”

“One of the challenges of peacebuilding is it tends not to be a deductive exercise. We can’t pull off the shelves the models that will work here or will work there. A lot of it is inductive; we invent it as we go along.”

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