The Peace Frequency: Episode 22

Guest: Bidjan Nashat

Air Date: March 10th, 2015

How do we know the work we do actually benefits the communities we work in? In this episode, we talk with Bidjan Nashat with Save the Children Germany about the importance of monitoring and evaluation in peacebuilding programs, particularly at the onset of design and with the input of the local community.

Featured Quotes from the Show

“Don’t get confused by the instruments. The instruments, the different methods and the different uses are really a means to an end, and the end is results, effectiveness and impact.”

“To me, M&E is really the piece that you integrate in this dialogue – between the people on the ground and the beneficiaries and yourself far away.”

“Don’t just think of M&E as a spreadsheet. Think of M&E as something that involves people that you’re working with and lets them express themselves how they view things.”

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