The Peace Frequency: Episode 27

Guest: Virginia Bouvier

Air Date: April 14, 2015

In this episode, we speak with Virginia (Ginny) M. Bouvier, Senior Advisor for Latin America programs at the United States Institute of Peace. She describes the ongoing peace process in Colombia, which she blogs about at Colombia Calls (, as well as how practitioners can address spoilers in negotiation or mediation processes.

Featured Quotes

“To have a sustainable peace, there has to be some understanding of justice.”

“Conflict actors also include peace actors. Those are the people who have the greatest stake because they are dedicating their lives to bringing peace or to finding solutions.”

“If you have a peace process that is inclusive, you are sending a very clear message that things will be done differently this time around.”

“A spoiler is anyone who inadvertently or intentionally does not want a peace process to succeed.”

“A peace process is a dynamic process that does change over time, that can be responsive to different pressures.”

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