The Peace Frequency: Episode 42

Guest: Nadeem Ghazi

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Show Notes

Air Date: November 3, 2016

In this episode we speak with Nadeem Ghazi, the Founder and Director of the World Learning Grammar School & Institute, which provides support to schools throughout Pakistan that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a culture of peace. There are currently over 100 member schools engaged in this effort where students, teachers and community members work together to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected and valued.

Nadeem has extensive peace education experience having worked with a variety of organizations including Peaceful Schools International, the United States Institute of Peace, Peace Direct-UK, and the British Council for Sports For Peace.

Nadeem’s peace education work and trainings were the basis for the 2012 manual, Building a Culture of Peace: A Practical Guide for Schools, a resource supported by the United States Institute of Peace and Peaceful Schools International. Locally in Pakistan, he has trained the staff of CARE International, Shirkat Gah, and more than 80 schools and different NGOs in Pakistan, introducing them to peace education and its implementation with curriculum integration.

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