The Peace Frequency: Episode 46

Colette Rausch

Show Notes

Air Date: May 16, 2017

In this episode we speak with Colette Rausch, Associate Vice President for Global Practice and Innovation at the United States Institute of Peace.

For over twenty years, Colette has used her legal expertise to advance human rights and the rule of law in conflict-affected communities. From Libya to Peru, Myanmar to Afghanistan and many other countries around the world, she has been at the forefront of addressing the most serious of crimes, crimes that keep countries embroiled in violence.

Colette is coming out with her new book, “Fighting Serious Crimes: Strategies and Tactics for Conflict Affected States” and we spend some time on the show talking about what she and the other contributors to the book have learned through their many years of experiencing addressing crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, corruption, and organized crime.

We also take a close look at Colette’s personal story – how a young federal prosecutor in Reno, Nevada going after telemarketers wound up in Bosnia and began transforming herself into an international peacebuilder with a growing appreciation for the rule of law.

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