The Peace Frequency: Episode 50

Alison Evans

Show Notes

Air Date: August 25, 2017

This podcast is part of a special Peace Frequency series on rule of law in practice, produced jointly by the International Network to Promote the Rule of Law (INPROL) and the U.S. Institute of Peace’s Global Campus. Each episode in this series offers a snapshot of a priority reform issue or insights on key skills for rule of law promotion in conflict-affected environments. In this podcast, INPROL Director Lelia Mooney and Senior Program Assistant Chelsea Dreher speak with Alison Evans, who walks listeners through the steps of making a new or revised law take shape in everyday life.

Alison is Legislation Practice Lead for Senscia, a Brussels-based consulting firm. She’s worked as a legislative drafter for both the Isle of Man and Australia, and has experience with policy development in the latter jurisdiction. Most recently Alison has been assisting the Commonwealth Secretariat in developing policy frameworks and legislation to combat cybercrime.

Having worked at the intersections of legal drafting and implementation, she is able to offer insights on shepherding a law from inception to realization. Listen in for her tips on navigating complex environments and setting up reform processes for success.

Key Quotes

“[S]takeholders are going to be the ones who ultimately help make your law successful. And when I say stakeholder that could mean everything from every citizen in that country through to very specific stakeholders who have a particular interest in the law.”

“I think practitioners need to make sure that they’ve got high-level buy in within their country for the implementation to be successful…it doesn’t matter how enthusiastic the practitioner is…about the implementation project – if the country doesn’t want it, if it’s not part of their national objectives then it will be almost impossible to make it happen..”

[P]ractitioners should use every opportunity to explain, consider, understand, and elaborate on the law to anybody that will listen to them about it, because when you build understanding, you build comprehension. You take away concerns that anything is hidden inside the law. When you really elucidate what it is you want to achieve that will help build successful implementation.”

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