The Peace Frequency: Episode 6

Guest: Candace Karp

Air Date: November 4, 2014

In this episode, we interview former USIP Senior Program Officer Candace Karp on countering violent extremism, as part of the course on Conflict Analysis. In this interview, Dr. Karp explains what CVE is and distinguishes violent extremism from violence. She also discusses the current challenges and opportunities in Afghanistan, as well as the role of listening in conflict analysis.

Featured Quotes from the Show

Jeff Helsing:

“If you’re going to look at countering violent extremism, or you’re going to look at any community work in any society, where you’re trying to understand violence or the predilections to violence, or the capacity for violence, it is critical to understand the conflict dynamics.”

Candace Karp:

“The trick is to find a wide group of stakeholders as possible to understand the conflict, while recognizing that because of the resources we bring to the conflict, we may not always be led down the true path of what the conflict is actually about.”

Jeff Helsing:

“In order to understand the relationships and the dynamics of a place, you need to be open to a much broader understanding of who the stakeholders are and how they perceive their own identity.”

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